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Michelin Guide

-18/08/2015 – Barbecue hake skewer on Mustard sauce with peas, imaginary sketch when feeling a bit peckish –

Sometimes, expressing my point of view on the agencies I visit, I feel a little like I were working by Michelin guide. “Yeah, nice setting, you are very wellcomed, food is great…”


ANMA / Agence Nicolas Michelin


– 11/08/2015 – Cornouailles Theatre / ANMA & LIN Finn Geipel, Quimper –

My first contact with ANMA architectures was for building critics to learn “architecture speaking” in first year of study, with Pr. Pierre Donnadieu.The exercise followed a Strasbourg campus visit, with INSA-archistar Claude Vasconi’s ISIS research building. And then of the city centre, Strasbourg was a city “you discover by the places network”.

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Paris Tube

– 31/07/2015 – In the Parisian Tube… –

    A completely different touristic perception of Paris by tube this week, after a year to cross the city by bike.


Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture

-30/07/2015 – Majunga Tower / Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture, Paris, La Défense –

       In the agency entrance hall, Champ des Alouettes street, is exposed a huge model of Coeur Défense twin towers, an agency early works that I would discover together with all La Défense district, and particularly their “little sister” Majunga Tower.

       I realize between all of these coaster projects that I know very few of the work of Viguier. I ring there interested by the great name. Glass, metal, and light…

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Valero & Gadan Architects

– 30/07/2015 – Imagine Research Institute / Valero & Gadan Architectes with Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris –

In the Pont aux Choux, there is a mini american coffra shop of 4msq where I often finished y lunch pause when I worked in the 11th quarter. For this reason, I may passed like Tenths of times by Valero Gadan Agency.. Continue Reading →